Jurga Juodytė
b. 1978 in Lithuania
Based in Vilnius, LT


2003-2005 VDA Kaunas Art Institute, master’s (degree) Graphic Faculty;
2001-2003 VDA Kaunas Art Institute, B.A. Applied Graphic Faculty;
1997-2000 Kaunas Higher School of Art (Lithuania), Art Teacher Training;

Personal Exhibitions:
2023 Personal Exhibition “Box” (representing VVJ gallery) Art Vilnius’23
2018 One Day Project of Art and Engineering „Art stops the train.The train switches on art” (Railway station, Kaišiadorys)
2015 Review of personal videoperformances „Failure / Life” (cinema „Pasaka” Vilnius).
2012 „Relic of womans”, (Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, Klaipėda).
2011 „Contemporary Madonnas”, („101“ gallery, Kaunas).

Group Exhibitions:
2022 Baltic Art Festival “VOLUME UP” (Grace Exhibition Space, Manhattan, New York)
2022 Exhibition “Kaunas–Vilnius: Moving Mountains” (part of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 programme)
2021 Lithuanian videospritz (Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy)
2021 Exhibition “Dominican Arts Days” (St. Catherine’s Monastery, Tallinn, Estonia)
2020 Exhibition “7 Women – 7 Truths” (Dominican Monastery, Vilnius)
2019 Project “A woman’s work” (European Prospects c/o Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK)
2019 Exhibition „The Sweet Sweat of the Future” (National Gallery of Art, Vilnius)
2017 Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association conference, Vilnius
2017 Exhibition „Magnum” (Culture Night Program, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius)
2016 Exhibition „Ramintoja.Art Warehouse” (St. Mary’s Calming Church, Vilnius)
2015 Drawing triennial „BLACK and WHITE” (Talin-Viinistu, Estonia)
2014 Talking about slow art (gallery „Gracious“, Vilnius)
2013 Exhibition “Approaches to Happiness“ (Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, Plavdiv, Bulgaria).
2013 VIII international media art and music festival „Centre”(cinema „Romuva”, Kaunas).
2010 Exhibition „Lithuanian art 2000-2010: Ten years”, („Contemporary art centre, Vilnius).
2009 Exhibition „Forms of Narrative”, (Birnam Art Centre, Perthshire, Scotland).
2008 International print biennale „Present time” (Contemporary art centre, Vilnius).
2008 Workchop „Galery Akademija” („Akademija“ art galery, Vilnius).
2007 Project and exhibition „3xpozicija” („Prospektas“ gallery of photography, Vilnius).
2007 Exhibition „2420 Čiurlionis“ (Contemporary art centre, Vilnius).
2007 Contest of young photographer (Prospektas“ gallery of photography, Vilnius).
2007 Student art day 2007 („Akademija“ art galery, Vilnius).
2006 Exhibition „Rust“ ((„FujiFilm” Photo Gallery, Kaunas).
2006 Exhibition „Neopop lt“ („Intro“ galery, Vilnius).
2006 „101,3 KM” (Contemporary art centre, Vilnius).
2006 International print biennale „Now art, now future” („Langas” art galery, Kaunas).
2006 Exhibition of textile „White“ (Museum of M.Jankutė – Marks, Kėdainiai).
2005 Exhibition „Enthusiast“ (Contemporary art centre, Vilnius).
2005 Project „For free“ („Kaunas marketing town”, Kaunas).
2005 International textile biennale ’05 (Art museum of M.K. Čiurlionis, Kaunas).
2005 Student art day 2005 ((„Intro“ galery, Vilnius).
2005 Exhibition „Illuzion“ (Vilnius garden of botany, Vilnius).

2008 Prize of student art day, Vilnius art academy.
2007 The best new initiative 2007, „Pravda“ novice.
2007 Prize of Jonas Dovydėnas, contest of young photographer.
2006 Arctic Paper prize, contest of young photographer.
2003 International print biennial Beijing of China.

Residence and workchops:
2019 “ArtGora” Forum on Artivism for Gender Equality (Riga, Latvia)
2012 Nida art colony (Nida, Lithuania).
2011 „Migratory Birds”, (Telšiai, Lithuania).
2008 Workchop „Galery Akademija” („Akademija“ art galery, Vilnius, Lithuania).

Work in the collection
Video performance „The Bride” is stored in the collection of Modern Art Centre